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Many parts sold by Macht Schnell are intended for off-road use only and may not be legal for street use. Macht Schnell makes no representation with respect to the legality for street use of any parts sold or their ability to pass emissions tests in any State. The customer understands that it is his/her sole responsibility to determine applicability of local, State and Federal laws and compliance with them prior to using purchased parts on any vehicle driven on the street. Macht Schnell makes no representation whatsoever that installation and/or use of parts purchased from Macht Schnell will not have a negative effect on any warranty that may exist on customer’s vehicle. Customer understands that he assumes all liability and risk associated with the use of products purchased from Macht Schnell.

Terms and Conditions
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All images on this site are reproduced with a view to portraying our products as accurately as possible. Please be aware that designs may vary slightly from those shown, due to normal design and production fluctuations.

Power Claims
Horsepower (HP) and torque ratings quoted by Macht Schnell are those derived from actual testing on a Dynojet 248c dynamometer. A 16% drivetrain loss is typically assumed in calculating the difference between BHP and crank HP and torque ratings for cars with manual transmissions. Due to the potential for significant variables that can affect horsepower and torque ratings (e.g., baseline differences from car-to-car of the same make and model, differences in size and weight of wheels and tires, differences in testing dynamometers, differences in testing processes and/or conditions, elevation, fuel, etc.), quoted HP and torque ratings are approximate. Macht Schnell does not guarantee that purchased products will achieve advertised HP or torque ratings in customer-specific applications.

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